Self-awareness is always the beginning of greatness. We’ve learned there is great power in making time to better understand individual and team strengths, preferences, and perceptions. As such, we provide a variety of assessment tools to help you and your team become more effective and efficient.

DiSC Communication Style Assessment

DiSC has proven to be very powerful in giving people a language to discuss and appreciate their differences. Rooted in decades of research, DiSC® discovers your natural communication strengths in how you take in and share information with others.

The assessment process can be completed in less than 30 minutes with our online tool. You receive an in-depth assessment of your own strengths, weaknesses and natural perspective and also insights into how your natural style relates to others, and tips to improve your relationship whether it is a co-worker, your leader or even a significant other.

DiSC for Teams

The ability for your team to produce results hinges on the strength of communication. Increased effectiveness and efficiency produces greater team results. Help your team discover how they are wired so they in turn, can better interact with each other. Everything DiSC provides invaluable personal insights that will strengthen your team and drive its performance.

DiSC for Leaders

Magic happens when leaders learn how to uniquely communicate with each member of the team. Everything Management DiSC provides insights of your natural communication style and how that style translates to leadership tasks of directing, coaching and delegating tasks.

DiSC for Couples

Learn what makes your significant other tick with Crucial Couple Connections. You and your significant other each complete the online DiSC assessment. Then participate in a debrief session that describes your results and a comparison report between you. Learn the hidden language that strengthens your similarities and bridges your differences.

 Want to learn more? Check out these sample DiSC reports:

  • Everything DiSC Report for Employees – view here
  • Everything DiSC Report for Leaders – view here
  • Sample DiSC Comparison Report – view here


Understand your Unique Strengths

You are uniquely made – from your DNA, your upbringing, your career journey and simply your life experiences.  However, you also were made with a unique perspective on the world called Talents.  And as you better understand those talents and hone them in ways to best serve others and you, they become strengths.

The Clifton StrengthsFinder assessment helps you discover your top five talents and how those perspectives “show up” in your life.  The insights of your strengths become a launching pad to discover many paths to success and effectiveness in your relationships – both personally and professionally.

StrengthsGenius for Teams

StrengthsGenius uses the StrengthsFinder assessment and helps you uncover the way your talents impact success inside your organization.  This interactive approach highlights your individual role as well as the composite of your team’s strengths. Imagine the possibility of each member of your team doing what they do best.

Want to learn more?  View a sample Strengths Insights report here.

Strong Communities

Strong Communities utilizes the insights of StrengthsFinder to help community leaders better understand each other as they come together from a variety of backgrounds and organizations.  Collaboration emerges as individuals learn how to best use their strengths to grow the world around them.


Thomas Killman Conflict Assessment

Conflict is a natural aspect in the workplace. Yet, unmanaged it can derail even the best of intentions.  The TK Conflict Tool assesses an individual’s typical behavior in conflict situations along two dimensions of assertiveness (toward your desired outcomes) and cooperativeness (toward other views). The online assessment provides detailed information about your natural conflict style and how to effectively use five different conflict-handling modes.

Our conflict management process helps you and your team identify the current approach your team utilizes in conflict and discover strategies that push issues forward in a way that sustain relationships yet creates successful outcomes. View a sample TK Conflict Assessment here.


Employee Engagement Assessment

This customized assessment is a great way to gather feedback and perspective on the areas that drive your team’s engagement and loyalty to your company. Learn the specific aspects of the employee experience that you are doing well and discover the priorities that need immediate improvement.

In today’s marketplace, businesses and leaders alike must create what we call “stickiness”. Identify those elements that build loyalty to your organization’s vision, role clarity of every team member and a desire to choose to work with you instead of someone else. Our assessment will give you insight into many areas of your business. Click here to learn more about our engagement tools.

Employee Relationship Manager

This easy-to-use tool helps small businesses track important employee information and key dates and deadlines that trigger your compliance schedule. Each ERM is customized to your business need and links to Quickbooks for easy integration.