The Complete Experience

Today customers make purchasing decisions based on experiences, not features or benefits. Because they know there are many alternative ways to satisfy their desires, they are very selective in where they spend their dollars.

You Control the Customer Experience

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Whether you’re servicing your customers online or in an actual brick-and-mortar store, you have 100% control over the experience because it is your home turf.


Your customers want education from you, not marketing, so they can feel empowered to choose. They trust the opinions of strangers who appear to be like them on social media sites perhaps more than they trust your marketing. Trip Advisor and similar websites play a big part on why customers choose your company today. But it’s more than your business ranking, guest comments are a key driver for your repeat visits. Nowadays, customers demand higher value for their money and are penalizing businesses that cannot meet expectations.


Your employees face many challenges. They may be afraid to suggest upgrades or cross sell services because they don’t fully understand their role as your representative. They don’t know how to truly offer the benefits and services your business offers and may not be fully engaged in their work. As a result, they do not connect with your customers. You’ve tried employee training programs. In fact, your metrics may have improved for a few weeks, but change is not sustainable and the desired behavior eventually declines.

Our Solution

The combined experience of Tony Bodoh International and Organization Impact gives clients a complete picture of the customer-employee-profitability relationship through a variety of offerings in The Complete Experience™.

The Complete Experience Overview

“Tony Bodoh and Kayla Barrett have discovered, developed, and presented a simple and unique insight into online customer reviews that unpacks what each and every business must know, yet oftentimes, does not see even when it is right in front of them. More importantly, they provide highly successful strategies, action steps, and leadership insights to keep any business agile and responsive to keep customers coming back.”

David Norris, Former Chief Operating Officer — Happy State Bank