Leadership Shorts by Kayla Barrett

Let’s face it, being a leader is a tough job.  And from time to time, we get “stuck.”

In short story fashion you’ll learn practical tips to re-start your focus and help you push through that obstacle holding you or your team back.


Kayla Barrett’s new e-book Leadership Shorts: Practical Tips When You Are at Wit’s End targets four critical areas:

  • Connecting with your Team
  • Building a Team that Wins
  • When You Are the New Guy
  • Your Personal Growth Plan


It’s easy! Here’s how:

New! Free Study Guides

Print our  complimentary companion worksheets and distribute to your team for individual or group development.

Study Guide, Part One | Connecting With My Team

Study Guide, Part Two | Building A Team That Wins

Study Guide, Part Three | When I’m the New Guy

Study Guide, Part Four | My Personal Game Plan

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