The Complete Organization

Most organizations struggle to achieve sustainable growth due to misalignment somewhere within the organization. The Complete Organization assesses the balance of your business by examining the foundations of your business plan:  your finance strategy, people plan and key metrics and workflows.

Business Alignment

Without business alignment, the best strategic plan will never be fully achieved because organizational alignment is the glue that makes strategy execution excellence happen. An aligned organization gets things done faster, with less effort, and with better results, and is more agile and responsive to changing business conditions.

Our Focus

Financial Health Checkup

Complete a financial assessment to ensure the key financial metrics of your company are stable and positioned well for growth.

Leadership Coaching

Supporting small business owners from the transition of ownership into leadership by developing insights for sustainable growth for themselves, their employees and culture.

Talent Assessments

Audit existing performance to ensure job roles, structure, current performance and capabilities are aligned with the future business strategy.

Workflow Dashboards

Track the most important metrics of your operations in real-time to enable you to plan and respond to critical business dynamics.

Long-Term Succession Strategy Mapping

As your business grows, your talent strategy must evolve with it. The Complete Organization provides you a parallel plan for talent development to ensure your growth goals are supported with your greatest asset — your people.

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