Leadership Shorts:  Practical Tips When You are at Wit’s End


Let’s face it, being a leader is a tough job. And from time to time, we get “stuck.”  In short story fashion you’ll learn practical tips to re-start your focus and help you push through that obstacle holding you or your team back.

The book targets four critical areas: ♦ Connecting with your Team  ♦ Building a Team that Wins  ♦ When You Are the New Guy  ♦ Your Personal Growth Plan


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Print the following complimentary companion worksheets and distribute to your team for individual or group development.

Connecting With My Team            Building A Team That Wins

When I’m the New Guy                  My Personal Game Plan



The Complete Experience:  Unlocking the Secrets of Online Review that Drive Customer Loyalty

The war for consumer dollars is greater than ever before. Customers are demanding more value for their money and in today’s marketplace, they are greatly influenced in their buying decisions by online reviews of total strangers. The Complete Experience takes you behind the scenes to discover five secrets of online reviews that drive customer loyalty to your company and brand.

Kayla partnered with friend and colleague Tony Bodoh to share their insights in a way that helps businesses of all types increase customer loyalty.


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Unstuck:  10 Proven Strategies for Breaking Through the Barriers to Small Business Growth 

“Stuck” happens. Every business gets stuck from time to time. We fantasize about running up the smooth, upward trajectory of growth—but there are hurdles, there are setbacks, and there are pits
of quicksand along the way. In short, growing pains are a normal part of running a business. Who knew there were so many ways to get bogged down by people, process, financial, and marketing issues?

Kayla partnered with 9 colleagues to create this resource for business leaders.  With over 235 years of combined business experience,  this guidebook encountered many of the same hurdles you are facing right now. By pooling those decades of practical knowledge and addressing the common barriers facing business leaders, we can provide you with the keys to unlock your company’s growth potential.

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