John Maxwell Training

JMT speaking

In addition to the many topics Kayla has developed, she is also an independent, certified coach, trainer, and speaker with the John Maxwell Team.

John Maxwell is an American author, speaker, and pastor who has written many books, primarily focusing on leadership. Titles include The 21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership and The 21 Indispensable Qualities of a Leader.  His message is simple, “Leadership is influence.”

As a member of John’s team, Kayla can provide the proven principles from many of John’s best-selling topics to you and/or your team through a variety of platforms.  These resources are simply another valuable tool in your toolkit with the practical steps that can be applied by anyone regardless of our role in business or your community.

You can learn in a variety of formats including..

MasterMind Group: Offers a combination of brainstorming, education, peer accountability and support in a group setting to sharpen your business and personal skills.


Coaching: Engage in regular, structured conversations designed to give you sounding board that create a practical strategy, accountability and a safe space to work toward your goals.

Lunch and Learn:  Spend some time during lunch to chew on more than a sandwich.  These brief sessions are a great way to learn bite-size concepts that increase your awareness and knowledge about a specific topic.


Webinar: An educational, informative or instructional presentation that is made available online.  With the aid of technology, you can learn from literally anywhere in the world.


Workshops: A hands-on opportunity for experiential learning.  Workshops may span from 1/2 to full days depending on your needs.

Whether your team is part of a corporate environment, small business or non-profit organization, we create tailor-made solutions that will equip, strengthen and ready you and your team to achieve results.