Leadership Series

Our Leadership Series accelerates the readiness of your leaders (and potential leaders) so they can reach higher levels of success and produce better results for your organization.

Empower Your Leaders for Better Results

Corporate Team Meeting

Your leaders must have a deep knowledge on a variety of skills that help them guide and grow their teams. We have created a variety of series to meet the diverse needs of your current and emerging leaders. Each series includes3 topics. The same participants attend each series to encourage connection and dynamic to the learning environment. 

Topics are available in both virtual and in-person formats. The depth and breadth of each topic varies based on your desired session length. Any 3-part series can be customized with the topics that best meet your needs.

New Leader Series
Leadership Strengths Series
Performance Clarity Series
Driving Team Success Series
Connecting through Communication Series

Frequently Asked Questions
Can a Leadership Series be integrated to other talent development programs?
Is there a specific curriculum or length of a Leadership Series?
What makes your Leadership Series different from other training programs?

What Our Clients Say About our Leadership Series

“Recognizing how important leadership is to the execution of its strategic plan, NineStar made a conscious decision to invest in its management team through a variety of Leader Series we called our Leadership Academy. Organization Impact was able to both customize and scale an approach to fit our specific needs and goals. We began seeing results after our first session as each class has enhanced and strengthened our leadership culture. For any organization wanting to improve by investing in its leaders, I would highly recommend a Leadership Series approach.”

Michael R. Burrow, CEO  — NineStar Connect

“The Leadership Series continues to make a positive impact on our growing team. At Maple Ridge Events, it is essential for our company’s leadership to be in alignment so we can successfully lead the rest of our team members. We did not have a formal program in place. This approach has facilitated “same page” thinking with our leaders and our staff as we continue to effectively move our organization forward.”

Robyn Bass, President — Maple Ridge Events

“Focusing on a Leadership Series approach at Omni was just the first step on a long path to improve our overall training and development program. Our future success depends on the quality of our leaders.”

Eric Strickland, CEO — Omni Visions

Whether your team is part of a corporate environment, small business or non-profit organization, we create tailor-made solutions that will equip, strengthen and ready you and your team to achieve results.