At times, an organization can benefit from an external perspective—someone who can see issues differently from those directly involved and create momentum toward success. Our team can come alongside your organization and assist through a variety of coaching and consulting services.

Performance Coaching


Performance Coaching 1-1

Our performance coaching leads to higher levels of individual and organizational performance, a greater ability to adapt to complexity, and a broadening of perspective that generates solutions to challenges.


A business owner or executive often feels alone when faced with those tough questions that keep them up at night. Our executive coaching provides a sounding board and suggestions for getting unstuck and moving forward.


Business leaders are critical to the success of a business. They must understand (and sometimes create) strategy but then translate it to employees so they can perform well. Those dynamics can be tricky. Our leader coaching provides an environment to help you engage and guide your team forward.


It can be difficult sometimes for individual contributors in your business to perform at their peak. Our employee coaching creates a teaching aide that helps members of your team focus on the skills that will lead to success―for them and the business.




Our consulting services specialize in those critical building blocks that can make or break an organization’s success.

Talent Selection & Onboarding

Having a great team means you carefully and intentionally select every employee. But doing that well and in a way that matches your company’s culture can be overwhelming. We help you create a selection process that aligns with the critical success factors of your culture and craft an on boarding process that helps new employees assimilate to the team quickly and become an active, contributing member of your business.

Succession Planning Design

Developing a pool of talent for specific roles in your organization is both strategic and operational. We help you create a comprehensive succession approach by 1) identifying the areas of your business that must have bench strength, 2) create approach to assess your team for current performance and potential future contribution, and 3) how to involve your employees in the process.

Turnover & Retention Research

Oftentimes, businesses know they have an employee retention problem, but they can’t pinpoint the reason why employees are leaving or even willing to consider a move. Our research approach assesses your business to identify the perceptions of your team and the drivers that keep them and drive them away.

Organizational Alignment

For both established and new businesses, it’s very easy to have a disconnect between the leaders at the top and the employees who are actually engaging your customers. That disconnect will impact the experience your customers have with your business and ultimately reduce your competitive advantage. Our Organizational Alignment process captures 1) the key focus areas where leadership and employees are aligned, 2) key areas where there is opportunity to be better aligned, and recommendations for alignment, communication and collaboration through every level of the organization.



“I wanted to send you a letter of thanks. You and Organization Impact have proven to be an invaluable resource for our organizational development. The approach and understanding of our company’s developmental needs has allowed us to create a plan that allows for growth both in terms of our client interaction as well as building depth in our organization. When we first engaged, it was about building a well balanced team of destination management professionals and it was apparent that you spent a good amount of time to learn our industry, our pain points and provided great coaching opportunities.

As a result of that first engagement, we seem to keep coming back for more! Now you’re not only an integral part of our professional development planning, but also providing total organizational development. I look forward to all we will do together in the year ahead.  Looking forward to more growth together.”
Jennifer Patino – CEO Hosts Global