Whether your team is part of a corporate environment, small business or non-profit organizaton, we create tailor-made solutions that will equip, strengthen and ready your team to achieve results.

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Leadership Development 


Savvy Leadership Skills for the New Supervisor

HR Basics for Supervisors and Managers

Succession Planning: The Key to Sustaining Your Business

Powerful Feedback: My Tool for Driving Performance Excellence

Generational Diversity: It’s More than an Age

Leading Successful Business Change

Organizational Change and Team Dynamics 

DNA:  Mine, Yours & the Organization: How to Drive Effective Results

The Math of Effective Teams: Less Dysfunctional and More Functional

Presentation Skills Bootcamp

How to Make Decisions that Count

Pushing Through the Wall of Conflict

Communication Effectiveness: The Stealth Professional Skill

The Critical Link between Your Customer and Employee Experience

Non-Profit and Ministry Effectiveness 

Attracting and Engaging your Volunteer Base

Legal Basics for the Ministry World

Reaching a New Audience: The Impact of Multi-Generations

Unique but the Same: Mastering Personality Differences

Mastering Public Speaking for Ministry Professionals


Emotional Intelligence: The Super Hero Skill that Drives Team Performance

Employee Onboarding: Up to speed in half the time

Employee Retention in a New World

Workforce Planning: How do I get started?

How to Stay Afloat when Faced with Unexpected Employee Turnover

Would You Follow Me? How Employees Make the Critical Choice

Developing Talent that Creates Your Competitive Edge

How Sticky is My Leadership? How to Create Team Momentum