For every business, your employees are your greatest asset. 

Regardless of your product or service, your employees are the deciding factor in whether customers choose you or your competitor. At Organization Impact, we help you identify the talent, skills and strategies that define your competitive advantage and drive success.

What We Do


Our learning experiences use an interactive teaching model that engages participants in a way that is fun and energetic yet also enables real learning and application to the workplace. Our training offering include:

  • Customized Workshops
  • Leadership Academies
  • Online Learning
  • John Maxwell Courses

Workplace life can be hard. Regardless of your role, at times you may need a sounding board & guide to help you move forward with your goals. We provide coaching services to professionals in a variety of roles:

  • Coaching Executives
  • Equipping Emerging Leaders
  • Guiding Individual Team Members

Our consulting services offer solutions when you need the benefit of best practices and expert insight to your business strategy. We provide consulting in the following areas:

  • Team Assessments
  • Succession Planning Design
  • Talent Strategy Alignment

How We Can Help

Talent Needs

How can your company gain and sustain a competitive advantage? It begins by becoming crystal clear in the type of employees you choose to represent your business. They are your brand and defining your ideal employee is the first step. We define the skills your employees need that drive your business performance.

Talent Growth

The secret to any organization’s success is its people. Helping your employees grow in skill, experience and opportunity not only builds your organization’s depth, but also creates employee loyalty. The key is defining a road map to that growth. We build bench strength that ensures your organization can sustain its future.

Talent Alignment

Your entire employee life cycle―selection, growth, and succession planning creates the alignment that drives momentum and success. We create strategies that build engagement and retention throughout your organization.

Meet Kayla

Kayla has worked in the trenches in several industries. She has lived the struggles you have and because of her experience in many industries, She understands your frustration and pain and can help you with practical solutions that are customized to your needs and executed in a way that makes sense in your world.

Maximize Your Organizational Effectiveness

Companies go to great lengths to identify and recruit the best talent available but often stop short of maximizing their investment. Organization Impact, LLC., offers a suite of solutions designed to unlock the full potential of individuals, teams and organizations.