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On The Air with Kayla Barrett & Guests


41 – Survival Tips for the New Supervisor – Mack Munro chats with Kayla

In this episode, Kayla becomes the guest as she spends time with Mack Munro talking about tips on how a newly-promoted supervisor should navigate the first 90 days of the transition and what specifically they should do to build rapport with their boss, their direct reports, and even their peers. Listen here.

40 – Lodging Leaders CEO Jon Albano chats with Kayla

In this episode, Kayla becomes the guest as she spends time with Jon Albano and the Lodging Leaders podcast.  Jon and Kayla talk about strategies to select employees in such a way they create your competitive advantage. It starts with a defined talent strategy then follows with specific tactics to hire AND retain will. Listen to Lodging Leaders with Kayla here.

39 – Extreme Teambuilding with Jodi Skinner

In this episode Jodi Skinner, Chief Adventure Coordinator with Diamond Hawk Unlimited shares some out-of-the box strategies to energize your team and unlock new ways to drive maximum team effectiveness. Through intentional team building activities in nature, a whole new dimension of skills can be discovered. Listen to Extreme Teambuilding here.

38 – Millennial Myths with Jon DiGregory

Most every business today is trying to figure out the best way to attract and retain Millennial employees. However, who you attract makes all the difference.In this episode, Jon shares an interesting true story that has radically changed how his company Cantaloupe TV selects and retains its workforce.  His company actually fired 4 on the same day – each part of this elusive generation. Learn the important lessons this radical decision taught its leaders. Listen to Millennial Myths here.

37 – Customer Experience in Every Cup of Coffee w/ Kathleen McIntyre

Every company makes the claim of having a great team of employees. And for new leaders and businesses, this goal is one achieved one step at a time. And for Bond Coffee Company, that means one cup of coffee at a time.  In this episode, meet Kathleen McIntyre, manager of this locally-owned coffee shop in one of the hottest Nashville neighborhoods. She shares how they prioritize the experience customers receive with each employee. And that experience is defining their team. Listen to Customer Experience in Every Cup of Coffee here.

36 – How to Leverage your Online Reviews w/ Denise Griffitts

Denise Griffitts interviews authors of ‘The Complete Experience‘ Tony Bodoh and Kayla Barrett. We chat about key insights from our Amazon #1 bestseller.  It’s amazing what businesses are learning about ways to drive customer loyalty through the messages customers tell you through online reviews.  Listen to Leveraging Online Reviews here.

35 – Tipping points in a growing biz w/ Eric Jackson

As businesses grow, a variety of conditions come together to create what we call a “tipping point”.   A certain level of infrastructure, role clarity and culture must exist to ensure the business sustains it’s growth trajectory.  A recent conversation with Manager Partner Eric Jackson about the company’s growth brought about today’s conversation. And it’s one other biz leaders can benefit from as well.  Listen to Tipping points in a growing biz here.

34 – Internships create competitive advantage w/ Ben McIntyre

Companies need great employees and great candidates need a good job.  In our conversation with Ben McIntyre, CEO and Founder of Internpreneur, we discuss an interesting fight for great talent companies are finding in the marketplace.  Listen to Internships create competitive advantage here.

33 – Your story matters w/ Jason Elkins

Connections matter.  In today’s marketplace, customers want a relationship with you.  It’s more than selling goods and services.  When customers feel that connection, relationship begins.  And that relationship creates loyalty.  In this episode, Jason Elkins with 100 Cups Consulting shares some insights to help you learn to tell stories that can change your business.  Listen to Your Story Matters here.

32 – To be or not be be? Decision making at its best

The skill of making decisions is fast-becoming a distinguishing competitive advantage of leaders. Knowing what, when, and how to pull the trigger on choices and options create that unique blend of effectiveness and efficiency with your team.  This episode gives you practical tips to improve this critical skill.  Listen to To be or not to be? Decision making at its best here.

31 – Three ways your team should resemble ice cream

We’re days away from the memorial weekend holiday – the unofficial beginning of summer. And for who is a kid at heart, that can only mean one thing…ice cream! It may surprise you, but ice cream and great teams have similarities. Three ways your team should resemble ice cream here.

30 – A peak inside the mind of an experienced leader w/ Blain Wease

Let’s face it. Most businesses today have employees from every decade working side by side. And a great deal of attention and research has been written trying to figure out each generational group. In Episode 28, we sat done with a Millennial to understand the work habits of our youngest employee group. Today, we are in the studio learning more about this generation – but from another perspective.  A peak inside the mind of an experience leader here.

29 – Three tips to keep your head on straight

As leaders, we can expect to face situations that tend to “push our buttons” in the workplace. The habitual tardy employee, the person who continually sees the glass half empty regardless of the situation and even the subtle trouble maker can get the best of us if we are not proactive when faced with these episodes in the workplace.  Three tips to keep your head on straight here.

28 – Inside the mind of your Gen Y employee w/ Clark Buckner

Never before has a more diverse workplace existed.  While your employees share many similarities, there can be distinct differences in how they think – particularly depending on which generation they belong.  We sat down with Clark Buckner, an up and coming young professional (and Millenial) to learn more about how this unique generation thinks.  Listen to Inside the Mind of Gen Y here.

27 – Should you be required to wear a Warning Label?

It’s sad but true, many leaders today should come equipped with instructions and a warning label so others know how to handle them.  Whether it is “handle with care” or “danger ahead”, when a team doesn’t know what version of you they will get, it’s simply hard to lead.  This episode shares three reasons you may be in the running for that special “label”.  Don’t be in this club!  Listen to Leadership warning labels here.

26 – Team Check Up:  How healthy are we?

The doctor is in!  They help keep us healthy but giving those metrics of good health along with possible warning signs of possible danger. The same is true for your team.  A wise practice of periodic check-ups ensure the team stays healthy so it can achieve success.  This episode provides three easy steps to ensure you get that good test result!  Listen to Team Check-Up here.

25 – Connecting the dots of your biz w/ Dennis Jackson

Businesses today must find ways to make sense of all its data in a way that drives its performance.  The team at WorXSolutions does just that.  We sat down recently with Managing Partner Dennis Jackson and talked about some innovative ways his team is connecting the dots for small and midsize businesses.  Listen to Connecting the dots of your biz here.

24 – Three things your team needs from you

This week’s episode provides a great follow up to our conversation with Janet Rives and her business plan tips for leaders.   Communication was an integral part of our conversation.  So in this week’s episode, we’ll talk about some specific items your team needs communicated from you.  And we’ll provide some action steps with each.  Listen to Three things your team needs fro you here.

23 – Why every leader needs a biz plan w/ Janet Rives

As the new year kicks off many businesses are hurriedly embarking on the year’s goals.  While that sounds great, many organizations are busy but the team is not necessarily aligned.   Our conversation with business expert Janet Rives offers some great tips to leaders to ensure activities are integrated from the top to bottom of the organization.  Regardless of your industry or business size, this conversation is for you.  Listen to Why you need a biz plan here.

22 – Do you lead by example or exception?

For anyone in leadership, it is important to remember that “people do what they see”.  In fact, that’s one of John Maxwell’s 21 Laws of Leadership.  Those good and bad examples create the environment in which your team learns how to function together.  Listen to Leadership Example or Exception here.

21 – Fifteen Tips for a Successful 2015 w/ John Boyens

Welcome to 2015!  In this powerful conversation, John Boyens, sales growth expert and co-founder of the Boyens Group breaks down 15 success tips for the coming year into three categories: 1) Have a specific strategy for 2015; 2) Spend intentional time thinking vs executing the business and 3) Include the team in your process  You can listen here.

20 – Your Leadership Gift

During the holiday season, gifts are given and received with young and old alike.  In for many there is an anticipation of those gifts. In fact I have a niece who is 11 years old.  She can’t stand not knowing what she is getting for Christmas and can easily tell you many days until Christmas.  It’s interesting but in some ways your employees are similar.  While they may never say it out- loud, they would love to receive a gift from you and the good news…it’s doesn’t cost a dime!  You can listen here.

19 – Employees: why they stay & leave w/ Danny Nelms

We recently had the opportunity to be on location at The Work Institute and spend time with its president Danny Nelms.   In today’s increasingly competitive marketplace, businesses must find ways to retain its top talent.  The Work Institute is a workforce research and intelligence company that helps companies does just that.  During this episode Danny shares some insights to help leaders ask the right questions to discover the answers that keep your employees engaged.  You can listen here.

18 – Are you a Lone Ranger leader?

The scene is a popular one.  Just as the situation looks hopeless.  Before evil can prevail the Lone Ranger arrives just in time to save the day.  Good prevails over evil.  Departing on his white horse Silver, the Ranger would famously say “Hi-yo, Silver, away!”  But rarely was he alone.  Tonto, the Lone Ranger’s trusted friend ensured the good guy wins.  Leaders need a Tonto too but unfortunately, we can slowly become a “lone ranger” leader.  This podcast provides three ways to ensure your team doesn’t get left behind and are along for the ride.  You can listen here.

17:  Will you serve?  What to know about Non-profit Boards w/ Carolyn Schott

Many non-profit organizations often have a board of directors who provide insight, resources and even approval to initiatives and operations.  So what if you are asked to serve as as board member?  Should you say yes?  And what happens if you do?  There are important questions and considerations you should think about.  There is great reward in this role but do so from an informed perspective.  Our friend and colleague Carolyn Schott, a tax attorney, shares some helpful insights in this week’s podcast episode.  You can listen to the conversation here.

16:  Are you hiring mediocre employees?

During a succession planning workshop, an HR director made this confession.  She said, “You know, if I’m honest, I think we hire too safely.  We hire the minimum skills needed so we can save money on salary. And you know what? We have a mediocre team.”  Wow..powerful statement.  The discussion that followed inspired this week’s podcast.  Could you also be hiring mediocrity even when the best of intentions are in place.  You can listen to the conversation here.

15: Finish well so you can begin strong

As 2014 enters its last quarter, business leaders are likely already thinking about the coming year.  It’s not too late to finish 2014 well but now is the time to quickly assess where your team is while there is still time to make adjustments to meet year end goals. This latest podcast episode provides three practical tips to wrap up the year strong.  Click here to listen to our episode.

14: Offense and Defense:  Your winning biz game plan

Watch any sport and you’ll see a combination of offense and defense to win the game.  You must have both.  And the same is true in the workplace.  This week’s podcast highlights three offensive and defensive strategies that build customer loyalty, employee engagement and greater profitability and results to your organization.  Click here to listen to our episode.

13: Listening to the Voice of Your Customer – Part Three w/ Tony Bodoh

We continue our conversation with customer experience expert Tony Bodoh.  In part three of our series, leaders will learn how to connect the customer experience strategy with and to your employees.  Employees are the critical link to creating the desired outcomes with your customers and it’s much more than providing better customer service.  Click here to listen to our episode.

12: How the Memory Game creates great customer experiences

The retailer Lowe’s has tapped into the childhood Memory game with the aim of  creating great customer experiences.   It’s Lowe’s Remembers loyalty program incorporates three very important principles that wow customers.  How well does your business “remember”?  This podcast gives you three ways you can start jogging your memory now.  Click here to listen to the episode.

11: Listening to the Voice of Your Customer – Part Two w/ Tony Bodoh

We continue our conversation with customer experience expert Tony Bodoh.  In part two of our series, leaders will learn what do with the feedback you receive from your customers.  From quick responses that produce fan loyalty to the game-changing strategic responses, your customers will tell you how to keep them coming back.  Click here to listen to our episode.

10: Four ways leaders can keep on keeping on

Being a leader is a tough job.  It can be a thankless job and force us to use skill sets that don’t always come naturally.  And for new leaders, tasks required can sometimes make you wonder what you really “signed up for”.  Leading others can also be one of the best jobs you can have.  But you must find ways to help you keep going.  Click here to listen to our episode.

09: Listening to the Voice of Your Customer – Part One w/ Tony Bodoh

We sat down with Customer Experience expert Tony Bodoh recently to chat about the emerging trend of The Customer Experience.  In today’s competitive marketplace, products and service are a commodity.  While your employees make or break the service you provide, digging a bit deeper into the mind of the customer will help you discover the hidden language your customers speak that can lead to an incredible competitive advantage.  Click here to listen to our conversation.

08: Are you packing feedback “grenades”?

Can you relate?  You have a coaching chat with someone on your team.  You are prepared and provide you employee information designed to help him improve his performance and even his professional development.  You are busy; your employee is busy.  So in the interest of time, you deliver two, three or even four observations to him.  And that’s when it goes downhill.  Your best of intentions are met with less-than-expected results.  You are left scratching your head and your employee is actually worse for the conversation.  What happened?  You just experienced the effects of a feedback grenade.  And despite a noble goal, the delivery has derailed the outcome.  Listen now for tips to prevent this negative event from occurring.  It’s easier than you might think.

07: From fitness to business: coaching to success w/ Brandi Forbes

Getting physically fit is tough and many people find it helpful to seek the help of a professional..a professional coach that is.  At CrossFit Hermitage, they do just that.  And in fact, their philosophy offers so much more.  In this week’s episode, we chat with Brandi Forbes, owner and coach at CrossFit Hermitage.  They help others reach their potential even when the athlete has doubts.  Many lessons from the gym can apply to business leaders as well.  Your athlete:  your employee.  The results:  the sky is the limit.  For more information about this podcast click here.

06: Develop your three BIG customer relationships

Every leader must find a way to stand out and help your team do the same.  The marketplace is crowded and today, every business will tell you they are “different” but to really be set apart, your team must have an intentional relationship with three specific types of customers.  There’s a method to this approach and if pursued, your business will be chosen above every competitor.  For more information about this podcast click here.

05: Finding your “aha moment” in the workplace w/ Stephanie Huffman

Light bulb moments are magic.  Those instances when someone “gets it” creates a special moment for businesses, leaders and employees.  Momentum is created and real progress begins.  This week’s episode includes a conversation with Stephanie Huffman, CEO of Epiphany Creative Services.  They help entrepreneurs and startups find their aha moment.  Their philosophy provides some great tips for leaders as well.  For more information on this podcast click here.

04: Three important voices in your biz

Every  business listens to someone.  The question is, are you listening to the right voice?  In this episode, Kayla explains how the voice of the customer, business and employee complement one another to create an organization that is innovative, robust and outperforms in the market.  Learn the driving force behind each voice and the value they bring to your business.  For more information on this podcast click here.

03. Alignment..is it your chicken or the egg? w/ Kris Kelso

In this episode, Kayla sits down with Kris Kelso, technology entrepreneur and found of The Kelso Group. With so many technology apps available today, businesses can easily get lost in the sea of options.  But, as Kris explains, as great as it is, any technology solution is secondary to the business strategy.  May sound simple, but many leaders struggle to understand the distinction and it shows in most every conversation that occurs in the business. And technology is the starting point, Kris’ tips apply to every function of your business.  For more information on this podcast click here.

02. Connection is king

In this episode Kayla explores the importance of the connection between employees and customers. She speaks on how important it is to get feedback from customers and actively use it to create loyalty. Why? In today’s marketplace, relationships are the driving force between customer purchasing decisions.  And in order to create a loyal team, the relationships inside the organization are just as important. For more information about this podcast, click here.

01. Podcasting – A new way to lead w/ Clark Buckner

In this episode Kayla and Clark talk about what podcasting is and how it can help leaders of the new era to connect with their customers and employees. Here are a few important points. Be sure to listen to our first podcast on Impact You exclusively on Organization Impact! For more information about this podcast, click here!