Labor Day: A great opportunity for your own Thank You Notes

thank you notesJimmy Fallon has fast become known for many of this Tonight Show antics and showcases.  One I personally look forward to each week is Thank You Notes.  And during this holiday week as we celebrate our workforce with Labor Day, what a great opportunity to show your gratitude to the people who make your business possible.

Your full-time employees work at least 2,080 hours in a given year.  That alone is reason for a thank you.  And if you are in the retail industry take note.  Some retailers claim it is one of the largest sale dates of the year, second only to the Christmas season’s Black Friday.  So hug your sales associates!

People thrive at work when they know their contributions have meaning. Letting people know the ways in which their work matters — to you, to the company, to their team — helps you to keep the people around you engaged and excited about their work. Especially if you are a manager, this is an important part of your job.

Research shows gratitude and belonging are keys to employee engagement and retention.  And those employees are critical to customer loyalty.  It pays to show gratitude.  These three tips will help you provide more than lip service to your team.

#1  Tie your thanks to a specific accomplishment
Even if you want to thank the person for “always being on top of details”, you should follow it up with a specific time they were really on top of things and why that was so helpful let them know how much *you* appreciate it; most people are motivated by the personal approval of their leaders

#2 Link contributions to work on the big picture
This can be a great learning opportunity to see how their great work moves big things forward

#3  Tailor the thanks to the person
We know every person has unique DNA which means everyone also has a unique way they like to receive appreciation.  For some, it’s a public acknowledgement while others prefer a quiet private thank you.  Your thanks go so much further when given in the language your employee loves the most.

Sometimes finding the words to appreciate your team is tough.  So, during this holiday week, here are five phrases that thank your employees for the contribution they make.

  1. I want you know that having you on our team makes all the difference. Thanks for all you do.
  2. In business, it’s important to find people you can count on. You are one of those reliable employees. Thanks for all your hard work.
  3. It’s been so busy lately, but there is always time to stop and say thanks for your help.
  4. It’s great working with you. You are one of the reasons for our success.
  5. I don’t know what I would do without you.

Thank you.  Two words worth millions to your employees.  Don’t miss the chance this week to let every person on your team hear those magic words.  You’ll make their day.  And who wants to pass up a chance like that?  By the way, THANK YOU for being the leader you are!

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