02. Connection is King

connectIn this episode Kayla explores the importance of the connection between employees and customers. She speaks on how important it is to get feedback from customers and actively use it to create loyalty. Kayla also mentions how critical for your team and employees to have a clear understanding of why they are there as well as what and how they should complete projects. Below are some key takeaways from the show. Listen now to get the full message, exclusively on Organization Impact!

Key points:
• There is an incredibly strong link between consumer behavior and employee behavior
• “What’s happening behind the scenes with your team is critical for what’s going to happen outside the organization and whatever that customer behavior is going to be.”
• What your employees are doing impacts customer behavior.
• After the recession, customers have higher expectations for what they spend their money and will be asking “Were you worth my dollar?”
• “We’re doing more with less, but we’re still trying to provide a perceived value to our customers, so everybody has more on their plate.”

• Some key questions to ask about your customer:

• Are your customers talking to you about their likes and dislikes concerning your organization
• When was the last time one of your customers referred someone to your organization?
• Why do your customers choose you over the competition?

• Some questions to ask about your employees:

• Do your employees show up so they can make the organization better or are they just looking for a paycheck?
• How often are your employees finding ways to fix customer issues versus just finding problems?
• Why are your employees with you beyond the obvious practical benefits?
• “What you are promising your customers you are also promising your employees?”

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