04: Three Important Voices in your Biz

To remain competitive In today’s marketplace, businesses must listen to three important voices.  The voice of the customer, business and employee complement one another to create an organization that is innovative, robust and outperforms in the market.  Learn the driving force behind each voice and the value they bring to your business and companies leading the way in this area.


Episode Notes

  • The reasons customers choose you over everyone else are your strengths. Find a way to hone these.
  • Fix your customers’ greatest irritants and you will gain loyalty with your customer.
  • The voice of the business describes the needs, wants and expectations of those running the organization.
  • It is the leader’s job to connect the dots for employees to help them understand the “WHY” behind every business decision and in the context of what drives the business.
  • Employees are the bridge between the customer and the business.
  • Your employees will tell you what is and is not working with customers.  These drive process improvement and innovation.
  • Ensure each voice is represented in every business conversation.

Three companies listening well:

  1. Voice of the Customer:  Starbucks – began listing nutritional information before the FDA required it
  2. Voice of the Business:  Edward Jones – use same financial model they provide to costumers in how they staff and measure each office
  3. Voice of the Employee:  Southwest Airlines – LUV programs give to employees so they can in turn take care of customers.


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