05: Finding your “aha moment” at work w/ Stephanie Huffman

This episode features a conversation with Stephanie Huffman, CEO of Epiphany Creative Services.  Their team helps entrepreneurs,  startups and small businesses get up and running with social media, marketing and branding.    Their tagline is “helping you find your “aha moment” – when the proverbial light bulb comes on in the leader’s mind.  For it’s that moment, momentum builds and the pieces begin to fit together in your business strategy.  Their business services provide some great parallels for leaders of all types.  Successful leaders help employees find their aha moment at work.  When this happens, magic occurs.


Episode Notes

  • The right questions help businesses fine-tune their message.  Leaders must do the same with their team.  More questions tighten this process.
  • Reach your audience when they are ready to absorb your messages.
  • Billboards used to keep your company in front of customers.  The principles are still the same.  Social media is the new language today – find right voice to stay in front of the customer.
  • Leaders have the responsibility to help employees find their aha moment to the team or organization.
  • Everyone on the team has a different strength – just like the social media strengths of twitter, facebook, etc.
  • Social media effectiveness  – of all the tools at your arsenal, find the way your employee hears you, then train them to hear from you on a regular basis.

Find Stephanie at stephanie@your-epiphany.com


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