22 – Examples or Exceptions: Your Choice

For anyone in leadership, it is important to remember that “people do what they see”.  In fact, that’s one of John Maxwell’s 21 Laws of Leadership.  Those good and bad examples create the environment in which your team learns how to function together.  And whatever they see you do (or not do), becomes their standard of behavior.

Episode Notes

Here are two ways to look at your leadership influence.  Are you setting example or does your leadership create exceptions?  It’s all about choice and discipline.

Be the Example

  • Your team continually sees you getting better in two aspects of growth: your functional knowledge and leadership skill.
  • Create a 30-day education goal each month which gives you a specific focus each week.
  • Your team will benefit naturally from your growth.  Extend the same strategy with each team member too.

When You are Known as the Exception

  • Shortcuts become the norm.  Don’t err in the name of efficiency.  Shortcuts are good as long as intended outcomes and understanding remain intact.
  • Accountability is hit and miss.  Finger pointing and the blame game are allowed to live in the team.

Take advantage of the new year and make these part of your personal growth goals.  You’ll be amazed where you – and your team –  will be in 12 months.

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