31 – 3 ways your team should resemble ice cream

We’re days away from the memorial weekend holiday – the unofficial beginning of summer.  And for who is a kid at heart, that can only mean one thing…ice cream!  It may surprise you, but ice cream and great teams have similarities.  And in this week’s episode, we talk about three ways your team should resemble the tasty frozen treat.  Because when it does, good things happen.

Episode Notes

Ice cream has many flavors; your team should too.
Baskin’s 31 flavors likely comes to your mind when you think of ice cream flavors. From rocky road to orange sherbet, everyone has different tastes. Your team needs that same diversity, or different flavors too.  Those differences create a richness and depth that make your team more effective.  Team flavors include (but not limited to) a blend of internal and external work experience;  male and females in various roles; skill sets, age, and the list goes on.  Diversity of thought is a key to breakthrough teams.

Ice cream is a treat; interactions with you team should feel that way too.
Ice cream is a treat that often brings smiles and giggles.  For teams, it may not be physical laughter;  however interactions with your team should be a pleasant experience for others.  Is every member of your team seen as both knowledgable and approachable?  Too often, there is a deficiency in one category or another.  There is an equal equation between competency (ie; job skills and expertise) and character (those intangibles that drive dynamics such as approachability, helpfulness, friendliness, and the list goes on. Without both, your team is missing the mark.

Ice cream will melt if not preserved; your team will too.
We know there is only one result if ice cream is removed from the freezer:  it melts.  Your team will dissolve as well if it is not also preserved.  In fact, that recipe that makes your team unique is the DNA you must hold on to.  What does that look like?  Imagine a team where everyone not only know where the teams going but also clearly understand his/her role in reaching those goals.  Or one where every member holds each other accountable yet everyone supports each other when they need it. That’s the DNA you want to preserve.  And as a leader, that’s an important part of your job.  Without it, your team will dissolve.

As summer quickly approaches, consider this suggestion.  This week, surprise you team with ice cream.  From rocky road to orange sherbet, find your team’s favorite flavors.  Then chat about our podcast today.  And while your team enjoys a treat, it is also getting stronger.

Listen now to 3 ways your team should resemble ice cream.

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