Are your employees feeling lucky?

photoMy travels took me recently to a little town in Wyoming.  I love little towns like this.  Jackson Hole sports a little downtown area filled with restaurants and shops unique to the western town – all within walking distance.

One particular souvenir shop caught my eye the first night I arrived so I decided to check it out.  As I entered a young man greeted me with one of the most remarkable questions I have heard.  He simply stated, “Good evening, I’m here to help you.  Are you visiting our town or are you lucky enough to live here?”  We bantered back and forth and I told him that was the most unique greeting I had ever received.

After chatting a bit I learned his name is John and he is originally from Kentucky (my home state) which of course made our conversation even more fun.  He had visited Jackson Hole, fell in love with it and decided to move there – thus his greeting.

I pondered on that for a while and came to this conclusion:  Wow.  Wouldn’t it be wonderful if every employee had John’s perspective.  We are “lucky” to work here.  What difference would that make in the organization?  Just think…

  • The environment would have an automatic buzz and energy as customers frequented your workplace
  • Employees would actively seek ways to make the organization better – because it belongs to them
  • The team would create positive peer pressure to negative or underperforming co-workers
  • Your business would attract great applicants  because you hire the best and others know it
  • Everything increases – productivity,  profitability, innovation, loyalty, retention.  And the list goes on and on

And now the BIG question.  How many of your employees think this way? Are they so proud and engaged at your business, they feel “lucky” to work there.  It may sound like a dream.  But it could be your reality.  Now, isn’t that a fun thing to dream about and work toward.

Thanks John for stopping me in my tracks and reminding me what great customer service looks like.  Keep up the great work.

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