07: From fitness to business – how to coach for success w/ Brandi Forbes

We spend some time with CrossFit Hermitage owner, Brandi Forbes in this episode.  Brandi shares the philosophy of her CrossFit team which mirrors great practices for business leaders.  Different than your typical gym or fitness regime, Brandi’s team translates your fitness experience to real life.  You begin a life of comprehensive strength and conditioning program versus steady-state aerobics, bodybuilding or a boot camp.


Episode Notes

CrossFit Hermitage purposively do not hire trainers; they have coaches instead.  Trainers focus on reps and routines;  coaches focus on connecting and educating athletes.  The biggest component is trust which   must be great to ensure athlete confides and trusts the coach to help them, push them and help them go to the next level.

For business leaders, you must fix the trust thing or you can never help your employees push through any barrier to success.  When the trust is there, a coach can be the voice that moves an athlete to the next level in a way no one else can.  The same is true for business leaders.  If your employees really trust you, amazing things can happen.  The philosophy at CrossFit Hermitage is “Be the best version of yourself you can be”.  What a great philosophy for any team.

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