Freedom and Loyalty: Two Costly Items for your Organization

A special week is upon us. For every citizen of the United States, we get to celebrate our freedom.

In the midst of the cook-outs, boating and fireworks, I hope you will pause for a moment and remember what this week represents.  Our freedom was bought by brave men and women who chose to make sacrifices so that you and I can live without the fear of danger and injustice.  In fact, those soldiers continue making those sacrifices today.

Freedom. It’s a word that also has many applications in the workplace.  Consider these realities:

It is a choice. 
Your employees have the freedom to give it their all every day or they can choose to give 50% while their minds and excitement are really devoted to other interests.  When your organization is getting 100%, you have engagement.   Engagement equals performance and performance equals success.

It is desired.
Employees want the freedom and opportunity to do what they do best every day. That means leaders should be focused on discovering those strengths and aligning talents to tasks.  That “sweet spot” is a building block to breakout results.

It builds loyalty.
When employees believe in the organization, its purpose, and those who lead it an interesting thing occurs: loyalty. Despite a difficult decision or tough financial month, they keep coming back. In fact, when given the chance to go to another business, they choose you.

So how do you create that belief of freedom and loyalty in your organization? It has a price. It takes time, commitment and sacrifice from every leader.  Now that’s something to celebrate!

Happy July 4th.  Let freedom ring!

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