Are Great Customer Experiences > Efficiency?

I visited my bank recently – yep, I’m one of those people who still like face to face interactions. I needed to do more than an online transition would allow and the visit inside allowed me to observe an interesting dilemma facing customer service professionals today. I was there during the lunch hour; there wasContinue reading “Are Great Customer Experiences > Efficiency?”

Guest Post: Business Transition – Plan Early & Communicate Often

Generational differences can create great opportunities and potential challenges for family-owned businesses who wish to transition the company. Our friend and colleague Ivie Burns shares some great tips for business owners. According to the 2016 U.S. Family Business Survey conducted by PricewaterhouseCoopers, only about 43% of private businesses have done any exit planning whatsoever.1 Failure to executeContinue reading “Guest Post: Business Transition – Plan Early & Communicate Often”

3 ways your innovation may be hidden in the trees

My business travel recently took me to the Tri-Cities area of Washington state.  This area is known for its orchards and vineyards.  Chukar Cherries is headquartered there and a random stop to their store inspired this latest article. Since 1988 Chukar had been known for its bountiful cherry harvests.  The owner Pam soon discovered thatContinue reading “3 ways your innovation may be hidden in the trees”

What is your customer service domino effect?

Dominoes.  Remember the childhood game designed to gain points by placing matching tiles end on end?  Or perhaps instead you spent hours creating the perfect sequence only to tap the end tile and see each domino topple one after another in perfect precision. The latter is today’s focus.  And a recent business trip inspired our story.Continue reading “What is your customer service domino effect?”