How Leaders Can Take Advantage of Cupid’s Holiday

valentinesFebruary 14th heralds in chocolate covered hearts, flowers and heartfelt appreciation for those special people in our lives. It’s a day many people either anticipate with excitement or dread to struggle through.

Perhaps it is an overrated holiday or a day to simply appreciate others. But for your workplace, Valentine’s Day can be a great opportunity to simply say thanks to your employees.

So, if you are thinking, “Oh great, I haven’t planned for this day and it is occurring now!” Here are some simply ways to “show the love” on February 14th.

1. Make it a point to speak to every person on your team today and wish them a Happy Valentine’s Day and say
thanks for being a part of our team.
2. Stop by a local grocery or convenience store today and buy candy hearts (those sugary candies 2nd graders
trade in school) and pass them out to your team. (Hint: make it fun by doing something silly as you
distribute the candy).
3. Make your team take a surprise break during the day and do the “Hokey Pokey”. This has nothing to do with
Valentine’s Day but will make your team smile.
4. Invite your team to lunch…and pay for it!
5. During a staff meeting, have a “positive affirmation” exercise. Ask each employee to write a positive
attribute or appreciation about each team member.

And here’s the really cool part of today’s message. Aside from themed candy and recognized holidays, the tips we mention today can be done any day of the week…just because. Your team will love it and in the end, you will too. Happy Valentine’s Day!

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