Summer Leadership Series: Personality Riddles

Finding the “right” employee is one of the most difficult tasks for any company.  The new hire must have the technical skills and expertise to do the job. Of course, figuring out this part is a matter of having a well-crafted job description that identifies what the employer truly needs. The much harder task isContinue reading “Summer Leadership Series: Personality Riddles”

Your Employee’s Story = Your Biz’ Story

Everyone has a story.  I think we sometimes forget that.  On a recent ski trip to Colorado, I had the pleasure of meeting several employees at the Winter Park Resort who took great care of our group.  When you have a remarkable experience – particularly in resort towns – it’s interesting to learn the choicesContinue reading “Your Employee’s Story = Your Biz’ Story”

Employees..three ways we lose them

Labor Day ushers in what many describe as the official end to summer. For many organizations, it means a day off for employees and a 3-day weekend. So as we get back into the swing of a full week after this holiday, it’s fitting to pause and remember why celebrating employees more than just oneContinue reading “Employees..three ways we lose them”

Is the patriotic spirit alive in your business too?

It’s a holiday week in the US.  July 4th marks a special occasion for everyone from sea to shining sea, so the song goes.  The week will likely be filled with parades, cook-outs, outdoor activities and fireworks.  It’s a time to wish our great country happy birthday and reflect on how blessed we are toContinue reading “Is the patriotic spirit alive in your business too?”

Leadership Bootcamp: The buck stops with Accountability

How do you get results from a physical fitness goal?  While there are many strategies to employ (zumba, weights, running, diet, tennis, etc), the real tactic that works is accountability.  You figure out the consistency factor.   When you follow a good plan and develop the discipline of accountability, results will happen. Sounds simple right? Continue reading “Leadership Bootcamp: The buck stops with Accountability”