08 – Are you packing feedback “grenades”?

In this week’s episode, we talk about the power of effective feedback.  Let’s face it, in today’s business environment, time is a commodity.  Fewer resources mean many leaders are finding themselves doing both the job as well as managing those who are doing it.  And because of that,  feedback to the team often becomes a commodity despite our great intentions.  Those very important conversations fall short of our expected outcome, not  because of the message but perhaps, how we are delivering it.

Is it possible you are packing feedback grenades?  A grenade is a feedback conversation comprised of multiple “saved up” messages delivered in one dialog.  Are you packing?  Not sure? Listen to this week’s episode.


Episode Notes

  1. Remember, your employee is hearing your message for the first time.
  2. Great intentions can lead to an counterproductive outcome if the deliver is flawed.
  3. Effectiveness should always win over efficiency.
  4. Employees should not want to “take cover” every time you give them feedback.

So, here’s the challenge.  Think about every person you lead and the feedback you have given them in the last seven days.  Did you create casualties of war?  Here’s hoping not.  But if you did, take these three practices to heart and start mending your soldiers.

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