01: Podcasting – A New Way to Lead w/ Clark Buckner

Clark Buckner is the owner of Buck Branding—a creative venture specializing in online branding and podcasts specializing in the experiences and advice of entrepreneurs. Clark is a recent graduate of Belmont University with a BBA in Entrepreneurship with an emphasis in marketing. He has a passion for new media and using it to help others create a unique brand.

In this episode Kayla and Clark talk about what podcasting is and how it can help leaders of the new era to connect with their customers and employees.  Here are a few important points. Be sure to listen to our first podcast on Impact You exclusively on Organization Impact!

Episode Notes

Podcasting is a show that is published regularly (can be video or audio) and is attached to an RSS feed that can be accessed on demand anytime and anywhere.  Clark also mentioned how one special thing about podcasting is it’s a very intimate experience. It’s an amazing way to connect your message to others.

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