Succession Planning…from the Farm to the Boardroom

My dad is retired now from business life but has always been a bi-vocational farmer which means the house has always been filled various agricultural media.  I was visiting my parents recently and came across a copy of and our blog pic was on the cover.  it caught my eye and confirmed that succession planning is important whether you run a farm or are the CEO in a boardroom. This topic can be an intimating one for many leaders so I’ve c

NBC’s late night shuffle: NOT the model succession plan

Late night television has certainly been in the spotlight the last few weeks; however, it has nothing to do with opening monologues or headliner guests.  NBC’s shuffle of the renowned Tonight Show has created a media stir network television hasn’t seen in some time.  It’s interesting to note that the media frenzy of late is the result of business decisions made at least 4 years ago. How did we get here? The first news of any shakeup actually began in l