03: Aligning Business Strategy: the Chicken or the Egg? w/ Kris Kelso

Aligning every aspect of the business is a real challenge today, particularly for a business’ information technology.   Kris Kelso, technology entrepreneur and  founder of The Kelso Group talks about some of the big challenges facing leaders today involving the technology strategy as it relates to growing your  business.   Kelso is a mentor at the Jumpstart Foundry and the Nashville Entrepreneur Center and loves to use his background to help new business leaders grow their business.


Episode Notes

Understand these six challenges to align every department initiative to your business strategy.

  1. Unlike standard accounting principles, technology’s rapid pace of change requires a different way of thinking for business leaders.
  2. Chicken or the Egg?  Your business strategy must supersede the information strategy not the other way around – regardless of your organization’s size.
  3. There must be a business case for every piece of technology in your company.
  4. Your technology strategy must increase communication flow inside and out of your business or it is just an expense
  5. Without intentional focus, every area of our business will speak their functional language – not the language of the overall business strategy.
  6. Effective leaders understand the business first then lead from their function of expertise.

Listen to the interview here:


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