09: Listening to the Voice of the Customer w/ Tony Bodoh

In the first of a 3-part series, we sit down with Tony Bodoh to discuss the business benefits of listening to the voice of your customer to create a strong customer experience.  Tony is an expert in helping businesses understand the hidden language customers speak that reveal their core needs and desires from your business.  When companies understand this language, they can create a unique customer experience the competition cannot replicate.  And a new level of loyalty follows.


Episode Notes

In today’s market products themselves are commodities and it is difficult for businesses to distinguish themselves.  It is no longer about the transaction but rather the ongoing conversations with your customer that identify their unique needs and desires.  Those needs will translate to buying decisions which, if your business understands, can tweak, modify or provide the specific services to them.

How can  leaders can get started developing a Customer Experience focus?

  1. Notice what you are noticing – listen to what is being said by customers and employees.  What adjectives are coming up over and over?  Those adjectives reveal the mindset of your employees and customers.
  2. Clarify the vision of the experience you want to evoke with your customers.  Tony includes a practical exercise you can use is to help you get started immediately.
  3. Find ways to understand the behavior of your customers – sales, how long since their last purchase, buying patterns, the cycle of your product or service (if applicable).  Note:  this does not require a major investment.
  4. Start with what you can analyze today.  Various methods are available to garner customer feedback including surveys, call center notes, or as simple as an on-site capture of daily customer interactions and purchases.

You can learn more about Tony and his unique approach to the Customer Experience at www.tonybodoh.com.

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