You Will Want to Walk a Mile in “These” Shoes

What do you do when you decide to go on a hike?  You buy hiking shoes.  And where do you buy them?  From people who know hiking. Every now you then you have a customer experience that makes you want to tell someone about because of simply how delightful it was.  And that was myContinue reading “You Will Want to Walk a Mile in “These” Shoes”

Are Great Customer Experiences > Efficiency?

I visited my bank recently – yep, I’m one of those people who still like face to face interactions. I needed to do more than an online transition would allow and the visit inside allowed me to observe an interesting dilemma facing customer service professionals today. I was there during the lunch hour; there wasContinue reading “Are Great Customer Experiences > Efficiency?”

Coffee with a Side of Customer Service

Imagine what it is like to work in the Starbucks that sits in the lobby of a hotel near downtown Atlanta.  Can you picture it? Hustle, bustle and lot of customers. I was a guest at this hotel recently and Starbucks was part of my routine 3 mornings as I attended a conference.  That’s whereContinue reading “Coffee with a Side of Customer Service”

Between a Tow Truck and a Touchdown: Great Service Wins

There are some things in life you can’t schedule.  Car trouble is one of them.  But when that event does happen, a good customer experience is something you hope for.  Meet Vidi.  He’s a driver with AAA and he’s the inspiration for this customer experience success story. My car suddenly gave me problems one eveningContinue reading “Between a Tow Truck and a Touchdown: Great Service Wins”

37 – Customer Experience in Every Cup of Coffee w/ Kathleen McIntyre

Every company makes the claim of having a great team of employees. For new leaders and businesses, this goal is achieved one step at a time. For Bond Coffee Company, that means one cup of coffee at a time.  In this episode, meet Kathleen McIntyre, manager of this locally-owned coffee shop in one of theContinue reading “37 – Customer Experience in Every Cup of Coffee w/ Kathleen McIntyre”