10 – Four ways leaders can keep on keeping on

The job of a leader is a hard one and requires skill sets that often do not come easy.  It is sometimes a thankless job.  But leading and managing others can be one of the most rewarding experiences in your career.  To sustain your positive influence you must have a plan to help you “keep on keeping on”.


Episode Notes

Continually fill your tank
Actively look for businesses and other leaders who are doing innovative things you can learn from.  It’s how you find inspiration.  And those examples may not be in your industry or people you physically know.

Find something to strive for every 30 days
You must continually work on growing both your competence and character.  When those around you see those two areas as a focus for your own development, those relationships grow.  And those positive changes re-energize you and take one step further in growth.

Balance is not optional
The reality of today’s marketplace is fast paced. Increased competition will continually require doing more with less.  Your mind and body cannot sustain stress long-term.  Insist on balance over time – spurts of crazy hours are fine as long as there is light at the end of the tunnel.  Studies show the impact to your physical health is directly connected to this balance.

Get a Buddy – Accountability or Mentor
We can’t do this leadership thing on our own.  The stresses and demands will take their toll.  You need someone in your life who really “get” what you live with.  Your buddy must be someone you can be completely honest with, who does not enable you and you can have regular check-ins for your own accountability.



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