Is the patriotic spirit alive in your business too?

imgresIt’s a holiday week in the US.  July 4th marks a special occasion for everyone from sea to shining sea, so the song goes.  The week will likely be filled with parades, cook-outs, outdoor activities and fireworks.  It’s a time to wish our great country happy birthday and reflect on how blessed we are to live in the USA.

Concepts like loyalty, legacy and tradition are important parts of this week.  And for us as leaders, I wonder how often we think about these attributes in our own teams and businesses.

So, in the spirit of Independence Week, let’s apply our patriotism to the workplace too.  How can legacy, tradition and heroism thrive in your business and why is it important?

One of the great things about this holiday week is the celebration we have of the men and women who took a stand over 200 years ago to create our nation.  What is that story in your business?  How and why did your organization began?  Is it rich in a family history or service to the community? Did it began as a small “mom and pop” business that has grown through the years?  Who was the original founder?  Every member of your team needs to know these stories.  It’s what makes your business different from the competition.  And the more we know our roots, the better we understand why we do what we do.

Our parades, fireworks and family gatherings are wonderful traditions associated with the 4th of July holiday.  They provide a time of laughter, festivities and celebration.  In fact, you will often hear folks ask, “So, what are you doing for the holidays?”  There is almost an expectation for some type of tradition or activity to occur.

The same is true in your organization.  What traditions have built over time that have become a part of who you are?  What are those events, celebrations and happenings that create the community of your team?  Perhaps you celebrate service milestones and accomplishments with flare or reach out to the community each year in a might way.  Find ways to build the bonds within the team.  It’s that sense of community that drives retention and it helps your employees “tell your story” to customers.

We admire the men and women who became the founding fathers of our country.  And still today, we place special honor on the men and women who continue to fight and protect our freedoms.  Why?  They have gone above and beyond and in many ways sacrificed themselves for others.  I think it’s one of the reasons we get teary-eyed when we hear songs like God Bless the USA.  There is great pride for our land.

Heroes exist in your business too.  Who are they?  They give tirelessly to take care of that difficult customer.  They do whatever takes to get the job done even when they are missing a family gathering.  They go above and beyond to make your business great.  Do you want to build loyalty even when times are tough?  Find ways to honor your business heroes.  Sometimes it’s nothing more than a heart-felt thank you.  Other times may require something more.  But celebrate them and tell them why they are important.  That simple feedback instills a pride inn your business that no one else can match.

So enjoy whatever you do this week to celebrate our country’s holiday.  We live in a great nation and should be thankful do so.  But as you reflect on this holiday, let your thoughts move to your business too.  What pride and patriotism are waiting to exist there too?  Let’s your fireworks begin!

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