13- Voice of the Customer Series – Part Three w/ Tony Bodoh

We conclude our Voice of the Customer series with expert Tony Bodoh of Tony Bodoh International. In part three Tony shares how to take the customer experience message to your team of employees.

In segment one, Tony helped us define customer experience and why is matters to businesses who want to succeed. You can listen to the episode here. Then in segment two Tony described how leaders can gather data that provides insight into how to understand and take action with the feedback your customers provide. You can listen to the episode here.

Today’s focus helps leaders learn how to help your team (employees) go beyond customer service. In today’s marketplace, customer service is not enough. A remarkable experience must occur and to accomplish this you must ensure the employee and customer experience are linked together.


Episode Notes

Key ideas from our 3rd conversation with Tony:

  • Communicate your Vision to the team by identifying specifically what it is your want your customers to experience. Identify the emotions you want customers to have then equip the team to evoke those emotions that in turn impact new buying behaviors.
  • If you want your customers to engage the way you want them to your employees must have a similar experience with the organization as well (ie: have used the product or services you provide, know what it feels like to be a customer).
  • The employee’s mindset determines what the employee will do for the customer. If they think they can resolve an issue, they will do everything they can to do so. If they believe it’s hopeless, they will never really give it a try.
  • Management mindset matters too. If they are afraid of customer complaints and viral complaints online or by word of mouth, they will focus on the problem, not on the experience they would love customers to have.
  • Leaders should study their customer and employee feedback and identify one thing at a time that they can do to deliver that experience (fixing a problem or creating a new experience)
  • Finally, they should focus on successes and amplify throughout the organization. Focusing here and rewarding success is often far more effective for change than penalizing the failure.

How to find Tony:
Tony Bodoh International is a consulting firm that helps companies understand the experience their customers are having and how to design and improve that experience over time

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