20 – Your Leadership Gift

During the holiday season, gifts are given and received with young and old alike.  In for many there is an anticipation of those gifts. In fact I have a niece who is 11 years old.  She can’t stand not knowing what she is getting for Christmas and can easily tell you many days until Christmas.  It’s interesting but in some ways your employees are similar.  While they may never say it out- loud, they would love to receive a gift from you and the good news…it’s doesn’t cost a dime!

Episode Notes

They want your leadership.  And the good news is  – it comes in all shapes and sizes.  No two leaders are the same which means your leadership gift can be as unique as you are.

Throughout the year, Organization Impact has been sharing gifts.  We have 19 different podcasts that touch on different aspects of the leader’s role.  Check them out and add tools to your toolkit.

Interested in giving back to your team?  Consider these three ways:

#1  Make your leadership growth a priority.
Think of monitoring it like you would your team’s financial performance.  Every 30 days, the business reports success metrics through revenues, expense and profit.  Your growth as a leader can be assessed every 30 days as well.  Consider making some type of growth or development goal for each month.  Think of the power in your leadership if you are intentionally growing an aspect of your strength each month.

#2  Develop those around you.
The natural overflow of self development is the impact it has on those around you.  If you are trying to become a better leader, you will naturally develop those around you.  They great news is you create a template of growth with your own process.  That same 30-day approach can work for your team too.

#3  Communicate early and often
Finally, one of the greatest gifts you can give your team is communication.  It’s the one problem most every team struggles with.  And often, it’s not because of poor intentions.  Communication must become as important of a priority as other daily deadlines.  Weekly, ensure your team knows how it is doing as a unit.  What are our goals and did we meet them?  What were our wins?  And just as important, where did we drop the ball?  And if we did, what can we learn from the experience. And here’s the magic:  It’s in those connection moments that make your team that one degree better than everyone else.  I

So as the days tick by getting us closer to the Christmas holiday, think about those on your gift-giving list.  For every member of your team, surprise them this year with a gift that will continue to give long after Santa departs. 

So tell us, in your world, what are some ways you “give” to your team?  Share your story so others can learn and continue to do the same.

From our house to yours. Merry Christmas!

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