21 – Fifteen Success Tips for 2015 w/ John Boyens

Welcome to 2015!  In this powerful conversation, John Boyens, sales growth expert and co-founder of the Boyens Group breaks down 15 success tips for the coming year into three categories: 1) Have a specific strategy for 2015; 2) Spend intentional time thinking vs executing the business and 3) Include the team in your process

Episode Notes

What are the elements of your 2015 strategy?
1.  Define success:  what does success mean to your business or organization?
2.  Create business metrics:  define the measurements that will ensure you reach your definition of success.
3.  Know your customer:  what is an ideal customer (profile existing customers so you can find more of the them).
4.  Know your competition:  both today as well as who might venture into your space in the future.
5.  Create your position:  how do you want the marketplace and your employees to think/believe about you?
6.  Execute:  create a business plan that puts your strategy into action.

How can leaders balance the strategic and tactical elements of their role?
7.  Balance strategic and tactical efforts:  hit the “pause” button periodically to think strategically about the business.  This will drive the tactical elements of your business.
8.  Work with others who are successful:  learn from them; look for connectors to break down barriers in your desired network; share best practices with others.
9.  Revisit your sales process:  know why customers don’t choose you (and choose the competition ) ad well as why they choose you over others – this identifies your brand strengths.
10.  Timing:   review progress to your business strategy on a quarterly basis.  Evaluate metrics and use of time monthly.   Re-align as needed when unique events or circumstances occur in the market.

How do you include your team in this process?
11.  You need your team’s buy-in.Involve them and ask for feedback on execution.
12.  Share business metrics with the team and let them know what the competition is doing.
13.  Keep the focus simple:  identify 2-3 elements and allow your team to make an impact.
14.  Give them the authority to take care of the customer.

And tip #15? 
Follow the plan.  Be diligent.  No excuses.   Make this year “different” and you will see results in the coming year.  Here’s to a great 2015!

The Boyens Group is a sales and management consulting and training firm that provides custom-designed offerings to help businesses grow results.

Connect with John at boyens.com or at (615) 395-0200.

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