25 – Connecting the Dots of your Biz w/ Dennis Jackson

Businesses today must find ways to make sense of all its data in a way that drives its performance.  The team at WorXSolutions does just that.  We sat down recently with Managing Partner Dennis Jackson and talked about some innovative ways his team is connecting the dots for small and midsize businesses.

Episode Notes

Organizations today operate with multiple types and sources of data (spreadsheets, calendars, databases, etc.).  Problems arise because these systems are not linked and too often, redundancies are created across the business.  Dennis describes many businesses as “data rich but information poor”.  What is needed is to turn that data into information that drives the business.

Dennis shares some tips to leaders to help them drive the business:

  • Slow the world down and ask many questions about your operations.  Just listen and take lots of notes.
  • It’s important to not only identify your financial targets but also the leading indicators that drive those financial metrics.
  • Find a way to capture and visually record the activities of the business.  This process will help you identify workflow gaps or redundancies and allow you to actually “see” what and how information flows among the team
  • Identify ways to streamline redundancies.
  • Address the “people” challenges of process change.

Regardless of your business or industry, take the time and find the tools to really see into your processes.  If you are unsure where to begin, the team at WorXSolutions can help you get started.  With a background in banking, healthcare, retail, and manufacturing, they have the unique capability to make your business operations three dimensional so that it can become more efficient and effective.

Contact Dennis and his team at www.worxsolution.com

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