34 – Internships create competitive advantage w/ Ben McIntyre

Companies need great employees and great candidates need a good job.  In our conversation with Ben McIntyre, CEO and Founder of Internpreneur, we discuss an interesting fight for great talent companies are finding in the marketplace.  The company provides recruitment and placement connecting companies with the entry level talent they need through internships.   Outstanding students participate in the program so companies get access to top talent ahead of the competition.   With a focus on information technology,  marketing and general business roles, they are helping companies soar in the marketplace.

Episode Notes:

  • Two reasons a company needs an intern:  1)  leverage the leader’s time and delegate valuable work to student; and 2) a company is growing rapidly and need to develop their own talent pipeline.
  • The marketplace is anticipating a talent shortfall in the next 3-5 years as baby boomers continue to plan for retirement.  And students are being forced to leave their college city to find jobs.
  • Two-sided Problem:  1) Companies don’t want to worry with creating a fulfilling internship program yet need talent, and 2) Students are trying to connect with top companies in the area and are looking for the best in the marketplace.
  • Every business type can benefit from an internship or team of interns.
  • The internship programs created go beyond basic administrative and menial tasks; they are providing a real value to the company’s needs.
  • Each internship is customized to meet the specific needs of the business.
  • The in-depth selection process of ensures the very best students are recruited for companies.
  • They take the pressure off companies so they can focus where they need to – running the business.

You can reach Ben at ben@internpreneur.com or visit their site at www.internpreneur.com.

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