Twelve leadership quotes that will sharpen your saw

imgres-1I had the opportunity recently to attend the Global Leadership Summit hosted by Willow Creek Church in Chicago, Illinois.  For two days I had the opportunity to slow my world down, be a student, and focus on the tools in my leadership toolkit.  During the conference more than 15 speakers took the stage to share a specific insight – from their prospectives, failures and successes – and pour into the thousands participating in the conference.  The theme was “Leadership Matters”.  And you know what?  They couldn’t be more right.

Bill Hybels began our journey with this simple quote, ”Leadership is all about movement.  You are helping yourself and others move from a current state to a more desired one.  And because of that, the highest value of any leader is humility:  to recognize you still and will always have the opportunity and need to learn.”  So for two days I learned and sharpened my saw.  Here is a recap of 12 insights that captured my thoughts (my journal is actually overflowing with many more).  I share these because there may be a gem (or two) that helps you this week.

The following quotes are attributed to these leaders.  Thanks to each of them for sharpening my saw.

  1. “Blind spots and weaknesses are different animals.  We often know our weaknesses. Our blind spots are just that – hidden from us.”  Bill Hybels
  2. “Will I settle for being a good leader or will I grow to be a great leader.  You will be one or the other.”  Jim Collins
  3. “Recognize failure is part of the creative process in every situation.”  Ed Catmull
  4. “Those who are brave enough to know success, have known failure.”  Brene Brown
  5. “In today’s marketplace, the number one reason employees join a company is meaning/purpose.”  Sallie Krawcheck
  6. “Great leaders seek to leave a great legacy not create a great resume.”  Albert Tate
  7. “Service is a product you produce.”  Horst Schulze
  8. “The ability to receive feedback is a business skill.”  Sheila Heen
  9. Every team involves seasons.  Don’t be afraid to allow tenure to ebb and flow on your team.  It’s the lifeblood of the team.”  Brian Houston
  10. “It is not the lack of money in your organization that makes it poor.  It is the lack of ideas.”  Sam Adeyemi
  11. “Comfort is a stealthy thing.  It comes in as a guest and takes residence in your head.”  Liz Wiseman
  12. “Everyone wins when the leader gets better.”  Craig Groeschel

Any one of these statements can be a topic or focus in and of itself.  What if you took each quote and dedicated 30 days to each one?  Meditate on it.  Look in the mirror a bit and take action in some way.  How different would you be in 12 months?  And even better, how different would your team be?  It’s a powerful concept.  Bill Hybels was right.  Leadership does matter. I’m challenged with that statement.   What will you do with yours?

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