American classics: baseball, apple pie..and yes, nachos!

chelsea copychelseaWhat happens when a concessions stand order turns into a dining experience?  It starts when you encounter someone who virtually leaps across the counter to let you know, “You MUST try our specials!”  That’s what happens when you catch a Nashville Sounds baseball game and meet Chelsea at the First Tennessee Park.  You can’t miss her.  She’s the one selling food at The Band Box.  And redefines customer experience in a unique way.

So, what makes her different? After all, you can buy hot dogs and cotton candy at most every eatery at the ballpark.  Chelsea represented her company (and its food products) in such a way, we had to tell you her story.   And in fact, every service biz can learn a thing or two from her.

She brings the menu to life!
Most baseball parks sell the typical hot dogs and ice cream.  The Band Box brings it up a notch and offers some unique food items.  For example, the nachos include smoked chicken, jalapeño queso, sweet corn pico de gallo, and cilantro crema.  And that’s where Chelsea shines.  From the first hello, she knew her job was to let us know the unique features they offer.  Her eyes lit up as she described the toppings on the nachos and readily let us know their top sellers (and you guessed it – the nachos are at the top of the list).  Every item described included fun adjectives and and an equally fun facial expression.  Chelsea made you want to try everything (and our group tried a good portion of it!).

She makes dining fun
Chelsea made our entire experience fun.  And keep in mind, ordering food at a concession stand is not a full evening of dining; but the few minutes we encountered her were nothing short of pure delight.  She didn’t just take our order; she engaged us in conversation, light-hearted banter and took our order correctly and promptly.  Laughter and smiles naturally were part of the exchange.

She wants to be there
Here’s the reality.  You can’t do our first two items (bring the menu to life and make dining fun) unless this third characteristic is present.  Without a doubt, Chelsea wanted to be there.  It showed in every word she spoke; the way she spoke those words, and every facial expression and gesture she offered. That level of sincerity is more evident than any price tag on the menu.  And her enthusiasm was contagious to everyone around her.

So your business may not sell nachos but Chelsea’s example can certainly apply in your world.  Think about these questions:

  1. How do you (or your employees) bring your goods and services to life for customers?  How do describe what you provide?  And what makes your descriptions stand out from others who provide similar services?  How can you make them pop to create a memorable experience for customers?
  2. When customers interact with you (or your employees), what adjectives do they use to describe their encounter.  Focus on those answers and your customers will have a new experience with you and one they keep coming back for.
  3. On most days, how evident is it that you (or your employees) really want to be there – doing whatever takes to serve customers.  It’s one aspect of service that can’t be faked.

If you live in the middle Tennessee area, I invite you to meet Chelsea at The Band Box.  You’ll love the experience and don’t forget to order the nachos!

It’s your turn.  Who on your team is encouraging customers to buy “your nachos”.  Tell us your stories!

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