You Will Want to Walk a Mile in “These” Shoes

What do you do when you decide to go on a hike?  You buy hiking shoes.  And where do you buy them?  From people who know hiking. Every now you then you have a customer experience that makes you want to tell someone about because of simply how delightful it was.  And that was myContinue reading “You Will Want to Walk a Mile in “These” Shoes”

Customer Experience..London Style

During the month of March, any restaurant with a television screen will be tuned in to the NCAA tournament.  And with it, a surrounding crowd pulling for “their” team.   A recent Saturday night was par for the course.  Gonzaga was playing Xavier so we decided to find a fun place to watch and that’s howContinue reading “Customer Experience..London Style”

Coffee with a Side of Customer Service

Imagine what it is like to work in the Starbucks that sits in the lobby of a hotel near downtown Atlanta.  Can you picture it? Hustle, bustle and lot of customers. I was a guest at this hotel recently and Starbucks was part of my routine 3 mornings as I attended a conference.  That’s whereContinue reading “Coffee with a Side of Customer Service”

How Chemistry & Flash-Fried Broccoli Create Great Customer Service

New restaurants are popping up all over Nashville and it’s always fun to try them out. Such was the case on a recent visit to Jack and Jameson’s Smokehouse. And what a surprise that was in store for us when our server Gibb greeted us. He provided great customer service and even shared the scienceContinue reading “How Chemistry & Flash-Fried Broccoli Create Great Customer Service”