Guest Post: A lemon into LEMONADE

When great service occurs, you have to share it! Thanks to our friend and biz partner Dennis Jackson for this week’s guest post.

This spring my wife and I were traveling back from Texas to Tennessee.  After a long days drive we decided to call it a day in east central Arkansas.  There were many choices but we elected to go to the Hampton Inn because  they normally provide a consistent and quality nights stay.

This particular hotel was one of their older ones, and all was okay until we climbed into the bed.  The bed was extremely hard.  It was not your normal Hampton Inn experience.  So..not a great night’s sleep.  Then the next morning, we head down to the complimentary breakfast, which are also normally good, and this one was not well stocked and my wife and I were very unhappy with the experience.  So we headed to McDonald’s for the bacon, egg, and cheese biscuit instead.

We continued our drive home and I thought to myself I just spent $119.00 on something that I was not happy about.  The next day, the Hampton Inn sent a survey.  I normally just trash them as I figure they really do not care about my feedback and usually I like what I had experienced.  But this time, I completed it.  I rated them poorly, and then wrote my experience in the comment section.  I thought okay, what can it hurt?  I figured they would “file 13” it, and that would be the end.

To my surprise within about 30 minutes, I receive a call from the manager at the Hampton Inn in Arkansas.  He said he had read my survey and was so sorry for what had happened, and that he and Hampton Inn would be crediting my account for $119.00, and that any time I pass that way I would have a free night in their hotel.  I thanked him, and thought now that is truly 100% quality guaranteed service.   I did not ask or expect what they did, but because of it I will always try to stay at a Hampton Inn when I am on the road now.  They really do listen to their customer feedback.

So that “lemon experience” turned into lemonade for me and Hampton Inn.  Thanks for making things right and creating a loyal customer.

Thanks for sharing your experience Dennis.  Learn more about the great service his team provides too.

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