How Chemistry & Flash-Fried Broccoli Create Great Customer Service

New restaurants are popping up all over Nashville and it’s always fun to try them out. Such was the case on a recent visit to Jack and Jameson’s Smokehouse. And what a surprise that was in store for us when our server Gibb greeted us. He provided great customer service and even shared the science behind flash-fried broccoli. And that was just the beginning of our fun customer experience at this local restaurant.

We were his GUEST.
As soon we sat down Gibb came to our table, introduced himself. As soon as her learned it was our first visit, he turned on the charm. He told us a bit about the history of the restaurant, the menu and what we could expect during our meal. It’s as if we were guests in his home – you know that feeling? Well, Gibb created that feeling for us.

He knew MORE than the menu.
As we ordered our entrees it got fun. The Smokehouse has a flash fried broccoli item as a side dish. It was not the only interesting item listed but that’s the one that got our attention. When we asked about it, we entered Gibb’s fun classroom. He explained their process for flash fried and said, “Do you know much about biology?” We, of course said no. Then he said, “It’s our cool process that makes our broccoli ‘the bomb’”. (The technique actually seals in the nutrients better than steaming it.) Anyway, it didn’t stop there. Gibbs had a story for every item we inquired about – from customer favorites to interesting ingredients. Through his approach, we anxiously awaited the arrival of our food.

He created an EXPERIENCE with us.
This statement probably speak for itself, but it needs to be said. Gibb not only provided customer service; he created an experience with us. At one point, he said “I love my stories but I want to be sure I’m not yapping your ear off!” But through our laughter and questions, his stories created part of our fun.

When it was time for dessert, Gibb told us about their famous cheesecake and the “cinnewaffle”. He laughed and told us about a rule the restaurant had to make about the cheesecake, “Servers get 1/2 off of menu items – a great perk – but because the cheesecake was SO popular, they stopped offering the discount on that item!” Another story but one that added to our visit.

So here’s what you need to know about Gibb. Like more restaurants, he works part time. He’s actually a double major (accounting and finance) at UT Knoxville. He’s a Franklin native which brought him to the restaurant for the summer. And it became a great treat for us.

So what can you learn from chemistry, flash-fried broccoli and customer service? Well, it’s actually some lessons from Gibb. For every person on your team, how would you answer these questions?

  1. Does every employee make your customers feel like a guest in their home?
  2. Does every employee know every detail about your products and/or services – so much so, they can share stories with your customers to engage them?
  3. Does every employee create such an experience with your customers, they want to tell someone else about it (in a good way)?

If you answered no, I’ll connect you with Gibb. Maybe he can fit you in for a quick lesson between his classes at UT. Hmm… maybe we all could use a little school this fall?

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