Happy Birthday to Organization Impact!

happy birthdayOctober is big month for Organization Impact!  It’s our 9th birthday!  So this week I would love to simply celebrate all the wonderful things birthdays represent.

Children – young and old – love to celebrate.  It’s part of the human spirit. So this month, we pause and have fun!  We are thankful and smile as we celebrate another year of helping employees and teams be the best they can be.

Since October of 2006 we have partnered with over 125 organizations in 29 states helping thousands of employees…and we love that!  Thank you to every business owner and team leader who is focused on helping their teams be great.  We are honored to be part of your journey. 

I love to dream about Organization Impact.  The business continues to change – not in fundamental purpose – but rather the method.  More and more I hear business leaders trying to figure out how to remain competitive yet hang on to their brightest and best employees.  The world of organizational learning and development is evolving  There are many ways to make a positive impact and I love how new partners and alliances have come my way that create wonderful new methods to help businesses grow.

So as the old song says, “Happy birthday to you.  Happy birthday to you.  Happy birthday Organization Impact.  Happy birthday to you.   And many more…”

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