Ten Ways to show Gratitude

It’s the season of thanksgiving.  For many it means thinking about turkey dinners, family time and the beginning of the holiday season.  But at its heart, the season is about gratitude.  Let’s face it, life can be hard.  Some days [or even weeks] can feel like you are the object of Murphy’s Law gone wrong. Continue reading “Ten Ways to show Gratitude”

Happy Birthday to Organization Impact!

October is big month for Organization Impact!  It’s our 9th birthday!  So this week I would love to simply celebrate all the wonderful things birthdays represent. Celebrating. Children – young and old – love to celebrate.  It’s part of the human spirit. So this month, we pause and have fun!  We are thankful and smileContinue reading “Happy Birthday to Organization Impact!”

Happy birthday Organization Impact!

Birthdays are just a good thing.  My nieces and nephew count down the days until their BIG DAY because let’s face it, great things happen on that day.  Well, Organization Impact is celebrating a birthday…our 8th birthday to be exact.  So in this week’s blog, I would love to simply celebrate all the wonderful thingsContinue reading “Happy birthday Organization Impact!”

Remembering our Nation’s Heroes

This week marks Memorial Day – a time of remembrance to those who fight today and those who have given their lives for our freedom.  They are our heroes both past and present.  Cemeteries are marked with flags of honor and parades fly the red, white and blue banners to songs of patriotism. It trulyContinue reading “Remembering our Nation’s Heroes”