Ten Ways to show Gratitude

gratitudeIt’s the season of thanksgiving.  For many it means thinking about turkey dinners, family time and the beginning of the holiday season.  But at its heart, the season is about gratitude. 

Let’s face it, life can be hard.  Some days [or even weeks] can feel like you are the object of Murphy’s Law gone wrong.  But research shows a direct link between a grateful outlook and positive success. And in today’s competitive marketplace, the more we can keep an “attitude of gratitude” the greater we can impact success around us.

Gratefulness is something we discover for ourselves and sometimes it’s how we help someone else.  Each has the power to change our perspective away from ourselves.  Need help finding ways live with a more grateful purpose?  Consider these ten ideas to kickstart your day.

1.  Make an employee’s day
Take an extra five minutes and ask a few more questions about your employee’s weekend, his family, or vacation, etc.  It’s amazing how they light up because you care enough to ask about them as person not an employee.

2. Be intentional:  one positive act each day
Every morning make a personal commitment to do something kind that day.  It could be as simply as opening a door for someone but it makes a difference.

3. Learn to say “thank you”
There is so much power in these two words but we can too easily forget to say them.  That response is something all they need to keep going.

4. Pay it forward
Maybe it’s paying for someone’s coffee in the drive-thru or buying someone’s lunch.   Those random acts of kindness bring joy to others and it surprises them.  You remind them there are nice people in the world.  And making their day will make yours.

5. Write a personal thank you note
It’s funny but the handwritten note has almost become a lost art.  Sure emails work too but taking the time to write a few words of thank -in your handwriting-become the notes folks hang on too because you took the time to send them.

6. Share positive thoughts on social media
Too often social media has become a complaint forum.  If you are on social sites like Facebook, why not consider sharing a positive statement or encouragement.  We need to see those in the face of a difficult world.

7. Start a Gratitude Journal / File
This is probably my favorite suggestion.  Instead of discarding those thank you notes, emails and compliments you receive from others, hang on to them.  Mine are simply filed away in a folder.  And when a tough day or season occurs, reading through those notes lift my spirits and keep me going.

8. Be the unsung hero
I love unsung heroes. They work behind the scenes making sure others are taken care of.  They don’t seek recognition and don’t need it.  Others are more important whether that is the customer or co-worker.  Satisfaction from a job well done brings perspective.

9. Find something positive from each day
As your head hits the pillow each night, reflect on the day and find at least ONE positive thing about the day.  Even on those roughest days, during the course of 24 hours SOMETHING positive had to occur.  Maybe it’s getting a good parking space or not getting caught in the rain but those are positive. And acknowledging just one is important.

10. Don’t lose sight of the big picture
Finally, try not get lost in the minutia of life.  Remember the big picture forces your thinking to a broader perspective.  No matter how dire your situation may be, there is always a bigger picture at play.

Gratitude.  It’s a way of life…if you want it to be.  From our team at Organization Impact, we’re grateful for you.  Now.its your turn.  Happy Thanksgiving week!

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