Remembering our Nation’s Heroes

imagesThis week marks Memorial Day – a time of remembrance to those who fight today and those who have given their lives for our freedom.  They are our heroes both past and present.  Cemeteries are marked with flags of honor and parades fly the red, white and blue banners to songs of patriotism.

It truly is an honor to live in this great country.  How often do we really stop to recognize this powerful truth?  We have reminders built into our culture – flags line our government buildings and we pause for the star spangled banner before every baseball game.  But is that thankfulness a part of our every day?  After all, right now soldiers are defending us both here and abroad.

Let’s face it. We are busy people.  We live in a  24/7 crowded marketplace.  From school, family  and the demands of  life, most of us move at break-neck speed and rarely have time – or make time – to slow down, pause and reflect on what makes our country great.

So during this holiday week that often ushers in the summer season I am challenged to think differently about this week.  Countless men and women choose to live a life of service  in the Army, Air Force, Marines and Navy.  And through the years many have given their lives so you and I can go about our daily lives.  We are free to pursue dreams, free to worship, and free to help others do the same.

I’m always moved to hear great stories of sacrifice.  I came across this article that shares the stories of some of our country’s heroes.  Their stories are part of what make our country great.  Read their stories here.  You will be glad for it and will take pride in our great country.

Thank you to each of you who fight for my freedom.

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