How the Good Just Keep Going

photo1We first introduced you to Mona, a breakfast host at the Hampton Inn last July.  Her approach to customer service is a best practice in and of itself.  She is one of those folks who just makes you smile.  Read her story here.

My business travel took me back to her Montgomery, AL hotel recently and I was curious if I would see her. To my good fortune I did.

As I grabbed breakfast she approached me (as she did each guest), introduced herself and then asked her now-famous question, “Do you know why I’m here?”  To her surprise I replied, “Yes!”

We chatted a bit and I confessed I was her blog author from last summer.  Her face lit up and she thanked me for the article and told me it had created some great buzz for the hotel.

I intentionally made some time to chat with Mona and was curious to hear how she is doing.  Her energy, focus and attention to customers was just as strong as when I first met her. And remember, she’s been with Hampton Inn for 23 years!

So how does she do it?  She shared a few secrets with me.

Every day is a new day.
Mona recognizes the gift of each day.  That doesn’t mean she lives in a fairy tale but she has a spirit of gratitude.  It’s amazing what that mindset does for her work life.  Mistakes made yesterday can be made right today.  Today is a new opportunity to move forward.  Her customer service attitude starts in her mind.  Truth is, that’s where it starts for each of us.

Remember how important your customer is.
Mona is known to ask guests, “Do you know why I’m here?” She knows her purpose but uses that question as an opportunity to let her customers know she is there to serve them, make their breakfast experience a great one, and be a part of wishing them a great day. Is her purpose fixing breakfast?  No.  Those are some of tasks but her purpose is serving her guests.  And that drives everything she does.

Her job doesn’t change but the opportunities each day do.
Mona spreads good cheer to every guest and co-worker she encounters.  Does that mean she is the perfect employee?  On the contrary.  But what I learned from her (again on this visit) is the approach she takes.  Imagine the environment your employees would create if every person on the team was intentional is searching for customers to take care.  It’s a nice thought isn’t it?

Mona really is special.  You know it within minutes of meeting her.  But guess what, I know you have “Monas” on your team too. Who are they?  Here’s betting they can teach the rest of your team a thing or two.  Chances are, they have a unique perspective on their job your customers.  Find them and celebrate them.  In today’s tough marketplace, we could also us a little “Mona spirit”.  Keep up the great work Mona!  Thanks for the inspiration.

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