Ready, set, jump! How to Pursue your Goals

photoMost of us can relate.  You are doing one thing today to help you accomplish an even bigger goal tomorrow.  A server I met recently at Finezza in Nashville taught me just that and is the inspiration for this week’s blog.

Meet Kristina. She is a California transplant – restaurant server – almost marine biologist -soon to be nurse.  And she chose each of those paths to help her fulfill the dream of becoming a nurse.  I had the pleasure of meeting her recently and learned a bit of her story.  It inspired me and I think will you as well.

Kristina grew up in California and was pursuing studies toward a marine biology degree.  After her professor explained career opportunities for this degree she began considering other options  Her love of caring for animals had inspired marine biology and with that she decided to consider nursing.  The only problem was the 2 year wait to get accepted in the schools near her California home.

Enter Plan B.  Her grandparents had moved to a little town south of Nashville.  Then her grandmother was diagnosed with a lung disease.  She visited them one spring.  Seeing their need and her enjoyment of the area she moved there 3 months later to live with them.

Plan B has opportunity.  After moving in August she applied at Middle Tennessee State University and was accepted immediately and began her pursuit of nursing.  Waiting tables was a great way to earn cash and give her the flexibility she needed in school.  And the rest as they say is history. She is studying now for her board exams and already has a potential job opportunity.  How great is that!

What a great story.  She knew what she wanted and was willing to take the steps to get there…even when it took her across the country.  Not only was Kristina a delightful server, I could easily see her natural ability to help others.  The nursing field will gain a great representative after she passes that test.

So, what about you?  Can you relate to Kristina’s story?  I think most of us can in some way.  Consider these questions:

What/where do you want to be 12 months from now?
Do you have a career or education goal you have always wanted to pursue?  Perhaps you have a dream for that vacation of a lifetime or a goal for your family.

What are you doing today that is moving you closer to that goal of tomorrow?
Are you intentionally taking steps that move you one inch closer to that dream or are you so caught up in the busyness of today you feel like you are just treading water?

Have you shared your dream or goal with someone?
It’s amazing the power of telling your story has on your ability to make progress.  An aspect of accountability enters the picture and you have someone to cheer you on along the way.

What “one step” can you take today?
What is holding you back? One step every day is all it takes.  Come on, what’s holding you back?

Thanks Kristina for inspiring me (and likely many others who read your story).  Best wishes on your nursing exam!  And to everyone else, what exam is waiting on you?

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