7 lessons from a 7-year-old

Kids are great teachers.  Recently I had the privilege of spending the evening with Allie, a smart, funny, beautiful 7-year-old girl who is the daughter of friends of mine.  After a cancelled babysitting night with her and her little brother (who was sick); we resorted to a Plan B that resulted in a night outContinue reading “7 lessons from a 7-year-old”

What is on your 2016 Workplace Resolution List?

  2015 has come and gone.  And as the first day of a new year begins, countless resolutions are professed to focus on health, success and often some form of discipline in an area of life. Personal resolutions are a wonderful reminder for the opportunity of second chances.   Whether it is the desire toContinue reading “What is on your 2016 Workplace Resolution List?”

Twelve leadership quotes that will sharpen your saw

I had the opportunity recently to attend the Global Leadership Summit hosted by Willow Creek Church in Chicago, Illinois.  For two days I had the opportunity to slow my world down, be a student, and focus on the tools in my leadership toolkit.  During the conference more than 15 speakers took the stage to shareContinue reading “Twelve leadership quotes that will sharpen your saw”

Three leadership lessons from green Skittles®

I love Skittles®.  In fact, I use them as a fun prop in some of Organization Impact’s workshops.  After all, who doesn’t love candy?  Today’s article is proof that learning can occur ANYWHERE…even in a bag of Skittles®. I distributed a snack pack of the candy to each participant prior to our session and toldContinue reading “Three leadership lessons from green Skittles®”

3 reasons broken records are only good in sports

Pick your favorite sport and you’ll find a record fellow athletes strive to break.  For example in baseball, Cal Ripken Jr’s streak of 2,362 consecutive games played is the most in major league baseball history.  And the NHL’s Wayne Gretzky had 1,963 career assists, which equals more total points than any other player has accumulatedContinue reading “3 reasons broken records are only good in sports”