Guest Post: 4 Things to Look for in Your 401(k) Service Provider

Every business should care about ways to help employees prepare for the future.  This guest blog from our friend and colleague Ivie Burns with Morgan Stanley offers some great advice about 401k plans. 401(k) salary deferral plans are among the most popular retirement plans today.   A 401(k) plan allows employees to “defer” a part of their pay. The deferred pay is deducted from an employee’s paycheck and is placed into the employer’s tax-qual

Ready, set, jump! How to Pursue your Goals

Most of us can relate.  You are doing one thing today to help you accomplish an even bigger goal tomorrow.  A server I met recently at Finezza in Nashville taught me just that and is the inspiration for this week’s blog. Meet Kristina. She is a California transplant - restaurant server - almost marine biologist -soon to be nurse.  And she chose each of those paths to help her fulfill the dream of becoming a nurse.  I had the pleasure of meeting her rece

What is your “One Thing” for 2014?

There is just something about kids and Christmas.  They bring a magic to the season like nothing else. Meet my niece Becky. She’s ten years old and all girl.  Pink is one of her favorite colors. She knows the lyrics to most Johnny Cash songs and has already told her Nana what dessert she wants for her birthday dinner in February (brownies with ice cream). But most of all she loves Hello Kitty. And the Christmas items with that kitten’s face were at t

No One Can Repossess Your Future

While driving down the interstate recently, I passed a billboard that read, “Recession 101:  No one can repossess your future.”  I couldn’t help but smile with optimism as I drove by.  In the midst of our economic downturn, I’ve heard several say they refuse to live in a recession.  Mind over matter, some might say.  This billboard echoed that sentiment. Upon greater reflection I realized an important leadership truth regardless of any economic climate.  ...

My Leadership Reflection: What Do You See?

I am blessed to have four nieces and a nephew – and they couldn’t be more different in personality.  One niece is our little performer.  She is eager and willing to “strike a pose” at any time and doesn’t miss a chance to be the center of attention.  One thing I’ve noticed about her is her interest in mirrors.  She loves to watch herself and it doesn’t matter what she’s doing – eating dinner, “singing”, playing with her hair, etc.  She truly likes and enj...