Tis the Season for Your Single Water Drop

It’s Thanksgiving week.  The week our world slows down for a few days of introspection only to usher in the busyness that has become the holiday season.

On Thursday, families will gather (I hope yours will) for a time of food, fellowship, naps, football, parades and perhaps even shopping.  There is just something about November that turns our thoughts toward a time of thanks.

I do hope you will pause this week and think specifically about the blessings in your life.  They are no accident and they certainly don’t come cheap.

As this holiday season begins, I also challenge you to think beyond what you are thankful for to also consider how you may be the reason for another’s thankfulness.

The next four weeks can easily slip through your fingers.  There won’t seem to be enough time to get all your work done, fit in each holiday party and still maintain a balanced life.

So as the holiday season officially begins this week, I encourage you to turn our calendar upside down. Instead of focusing on the busyness of the next 30 days, consider being the source of someone else’s happiness.

And it begins with a water drop.

This may sound odd but consider the following.  At Organization Impact our logo is the ripple effect.  Solutions begin with one person. A change in my thinking impacts my behavior. My behavior creates influence and inspiration to others to in turn, change their behavior.  As group thinking and behavior change, the organization changes, improves and grows.

We know that one person can make a positive difference by one simple act.  And that impact creates a ripple. While our focus is helping organizations create results through its people, the same truth applies in our everyday lives.

The person you show kindness to can do the same. And so on and so on.  It’s how positive energy is created. It’s how a spirit of thankfulness is created. And it’s how you make a difference.

For every person you encounter this week remember he has a story. You may be the only person who thanks him, smiles at him or even acknowledges him.

After all, we celebrate this week with a holiday called Thanksgiving. Wouldn’t it be something if the next 30 days could also be described as giving thanks too? It can start with me and it can start with you.

Happy Thanksgiving from Organization Impact.  Wishing you a wonderful week.

One thought on “Tis the Season for Your Single Water Drop

  1. Beautiful reminder! It is true that anything from a nice conversation to a simple smile can make the difference in someone’s life. This is the perfect time of year to live that ideal. Happy Thanksgiving!

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